About Us

Company Overview

Fresh Learning is a small, motivated learning and development provider and consultancy.  We are committed to providing learning that makes a difference both to our clients and the individuals that we help learn; rather than just ticking boxes to say that training has been completed.

We believe that learning should reflect real-life, but capture the energy that it requires to make the transfer of knowledge as easy as possible; basically through people learning because they want to learn, not just because they feel that they have to.

Our Approach

In our experience, we have found that many other training companies often provide training that is not tailored to the organisation that they are providing training for. When we meet to arrange an in-house training session, we always try to ensure that we meet with you prior to training to be aware of your reasons for running the session.

We will establish with you particular reasons why chosen attendees are attending, and also get a flavour of the organisation's operation and culture. This fits alongside pre-course evaluations that we ask attendees to complete. These techniques help us to ensure that we tailor the key concepts explored within the session to fit your organisation.

How did it go?

At the end of each session, we ask attendees to complete an evaluation in order to gain feedback. We will provide a detailed report of these alongside a discussion of how the session went and any additional feedback that we can give. 

Our Managing Director

Richard W Newton

The Founder and Managing Director of Fresh Learning is Richard W Newton, a highly experienced Learning and Development professional, who has extensive global delivery and course creation experience.  

Richard has delivered progammes to thousands of attendees at all levels in organisations ranging from SME´s, Multi-Nationals, Government Departments and Agencies, Healthcare Providers and even Royal Households. 

Richard also acts as a keynote speaker at events.  More details about Richard and his work can be found at his own professional website.

Email:  richard@freshlearning.eu